AUSSIE   Investment & Development 

Australia's real estate market increased 8 per cent in 2014
* Sydney house prices jumped 13.35% in just 12 months, in a year of stunning sales and equally surprising prices paid 
* The average price for a home in the harbour city is now $730,500
* In a year of huge demand, a graffiti-covered squatter's shack uninhabited for 25 years in Sydney's inner west went for $1.4 million

Sydney and Melbourne led the way, with the harbour city market soaring 12.4 per cent year-on-year and the Victorian capital up 7.6 per cent. 

Outstanding Education

Australia has strong competitive advantages in providing international education: an internationally recognised and high-quality ‘Western’ education system; and graduate employment opportunities that are the envy of the Western world.

High income

The minimum wage in Australia is $16.88. SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-EIGHT CENTS! In America, minimum wage ranges by state from $5.15 (Georgia) to $9.19 (Washington).

Most Livable Cities

Australia has some of most livable cities in the world. Plenty of space, warm weather and economic prosperity all contribute to making Australian cities great places to live and study.